NGS-Py Finite Element Tool

Netgen/NGSolve 6 contains a rich Python interface. Program flow as well as geometry description and equation setup can be controlled from Python. You should be familiar with weak formulations of partial differential equations and the finite element method (NGSolve-oriented lecture notes are here: Scientific Computing) and the Python programming language. The interface to Python is inspired by the FEniCS project.

We acknowledge support from the TU Wien and by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF within project grant SFB65 Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems.

Tutorial on Using NGSpy by Jay Gopalakrishnan


Central Concepts

MyLittleNGSolve - An Introduction into C++ Programming with NGSolve

This project is divided into 3 sections:

The basic section should provide you with knowledge about NGSolve's classes and how to overload them or provide C++ utility functions, as well as export all that to python.

The advanced section gives some more useful examples to browse through.

The legacy section contains old code, it may be useful mainly for people working already for some time with NGSolve and looking something up. Please keep in mind, that these things are not maintained and may contain code that does not work (efficiently) any more.