Extensions & Deployments

18. Extensions & Deployments#

Jay Gopalakrishnan

A no-install-required deployment environment is the quickest way to share with others (outside the ngsolve world) something cool you have done with ngsolve. NGSolve provides you with such an environment using JupyterLite, explained more in the later section

You can also extend NGSolve’s built-in functionality by creating your own add-on modules. Your extensions can be written using NGSolve’s Python interface, or its C++ interface, or by combining both language facilities through pybind11. When making your own extension package using only the Python interface of ngsolve, the installation and set up is simple. Examples include NGSolve Model Templates and Pythonic feast eigensolver. Since there are ample external resources online outlining steps for python package preparation, in the upcoming section,

we will focus more on setting up your own C++ add-ons.